Primary Source Descriptions Instructions & Rubric Highlights

Primary Source Descriptions Highlights: Project Purpose and Goals: (These are just suggestions, you don’t have to follow these rules) Make the analysis credible and thorough Notice and document details and make new associations you might overlook… Document experiences of the primary source in oral or written form (Take notes)… Different perspectives (1st, 2nd, the object itself)… […]

Primary Source and Objective Description Class Work 2.1.18

Primary Source: Data authors generate themselves Secondary Source:  Reporting someone’s point of view about data already generated It depends on how the researcher is using the source… What is objective description: Writing down details Flickr Objective Detail Description: This is a store with signs with specific prices and it appears that Coffee is sold there because […]

Conventions of the Book & Blog genre

Book: Gray: “Black & White” Font: Blocky, “Stencil,” “Official” Editors/Authors (Multiple) Lots of Space/Centered Publisher info at the bottom Introduction: “Formal” Notes page with citations at the end Appears to be a “scholarly work” Chapter Name & Author on each page resembling a book Specific lexicon No pictures Linguistic text Audience: Other researchers/people in school, […]