• Gray: “Black & White”
  • Font: Blocky, “Stencil,” “Official”
  • Editors/Authors (Multiple)
  • Lots of Space/Centered
  • Publisher info at the bottom
  • Introduction: “Formal”
  • Notes page with citations at the end
  • Appears to be a “scholarly work”
  • Chapter Name & Author on each page resembling a book
  • Specific lexicon
  • No pictures
  • Linguistic text
  • Audience: Other researchers/people in school, people very experienced in their field/research


  • Colors: “Playful” Attention grabber “Whimsical”
  • Images: Cartoons
  • Blog posts
  • About me section for writer with picture
  • Social media feeds/links: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Updated as of January 2018 (Constantly updated)
  • Author prescence
  • Links to other websites
  • Pages/Menus
  • Short posts with links to continue reading
  • Different fonts: Bold text, Subtitles
  • Audience: Other researchers/people in school, for a younger crowd/more contemporary

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