Primary Source: Data authors generate themselves

Secondary Source:  Reporting someone’s point of view about data already generated

It depends on how the researcher is using the source…

What is objective description: Writing down details

Flickr Objective Detail Description:

This is a store with signs with specific prices and it appears that Coffee is sold there because mugs, styrofoam cups, and coffee pots are displayed. The woman is wearing a t-shirt with her head turned to the right looking at something possibly behind her. There is a sign that says visa and discover cards but you can not see if it is accepted or not. There is a sign hanging off a nail between the styrofoam cups and the burger king sign that says “good coffee cheaper than Prozac”. Below the methods of payments, there is a health inspection grade of 89. It looks like the lady is wearing dark and thick eyebrow makeup. The woman’s ear is bare. Grayscale photo.


The woman is overweight, her hair is messy, eyebrows are thin, she looks irritated by someone or something and is unapproachable. The coffee shop does not like annoying customers and you will not get your own way here like burger king. The coffee shop is not super clean but is also not super dirty from the health score.

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